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Micro O-ring

Gustomerized ODM/OEM molding rubber parts reference.

High preceison burr-free products.

Automotive and motors products application.

NSF 61 & Medical products application.

3C electrical unit products application

FDA Approval products application.

High precision burr-free procedures.

Precision dimensions controlled for DC fan components, completely solving friction heat, high frequency noise, extending effective production life.

Highest precision and burrs-free de-flashing procedures, tolerance could be controlled in +/- 0.020 mm ( 0.0008″).

Application in high precision electrical components for sealing. Install in 10,000+ /rpm DC fan and cell phone case, micro USB port sealing…

THC special high precision burr-free procedures controlled all series mold curing thickness tolerance in +/- 0.025 mm.
QC inspector do first shot and per two hours inspecting on-line daily. De-flash from customerized precision punching tools and dies, without freezing cause product physical attenuation. Reduce contact and pollution sources and keep products clean.

Daily first-shot and two hours online inspection ensure dimensional accuracy and high quality consistency and stability.
The inspection sampling uses 2.5D CCD non-contact projector measuring true dimensions of the product and strictly control the product size and tolerance.

Closed and sealed automatic inspection machine, automatic feeding at all times no contact with any pollution sources,eliminate static electricity to ensure product cleanliness. 100% full dimensions measurement and appearance surface
inspection, programming logic calculating standard parameterization.
High product inspection reliability and the inspection data is the best evidence of high quality product.

For function of rubber elastic recovery application products, inspecting by Japanese imported resilience tester machine to ensure the physical properties and life of button kinds products.