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Welcome to WellMore Group Inc.

Basis on human nature, science-technology, quality and innovation.
WellMore continue improve and do effort on rise up the industrial circles and searching the solutions for win-win.

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Rubber / Plastic / Metal parts outsourcing expert in Asia.

Technology Eenineering

Trial molding to approve product quality and production standard setup BOM and Process standard setup for production department.

Materials Engineering

Our professional chemical engineers designed rubber formula to meet the world’s security, environmental and health standards.

Quality Engineering

No accept of non-conformance, No manufacture of non-conformance, No produce of non-conformance.

WellMore excellent capability affirmed and awarded by our following customers.

Basis on human nature, science-technology, quality and innovation.

The one who is able to assist customers to co-build up a Win-Win, Profit-gainning, Sustainable-running of us would be the good partner for trustworthy and respected.

Continuous improvement, strive for the rise of the industry

The responsibility and mission of Business-to-social which gave us the courage to urge us to go forward without fear to take exercise in difficult and challenge, learning stand up in the storm! In moving forward, never forget the lessons of the past.

In moving forward, never forget the lessons of the past.

Since WellMore was founded and stand on technical innovation, keeping constantly learnning and growth and with the spirit of continuous improvement made our prod-uct at quality, technology, cost and service in the worldwide industries market of air & hydraulic , automobile , semiconductor ,medical , drinking water , public health market and other various industries were approval and adoption.

Our Mission Is to Build the Foundation of a Secure Future

WellMore strive to cost competitiveness, quality competitiveness, technological in- novation and fulfill customer satisfaction on the customer’s expectation and commis-sion , and then to meet the different needs of the industrial territories.